Liu Yen-jao

School developing objective:
implement equal educational opportunities; decrease urban and rural difference; balance educational resources allocation; operate in coordination with government policies; advocate multi-methods for higher education; fully-execute school educational function; increase entering rate for local middle school students; elevate local cultural level and standard.



National Changhua University bachelor's degree

National Changhua University master's degree



Wen-Te Elementary School

Lun-Ya Elementary School

Jao-Ming Elementary School

Tien-Wei Junior High School

Currently as Erhlin High School Principal



- to teach students in accordance with their aptitude

-   no child left behind

-  to change and influence unobtrusively and imperceptibly

-   lifelong learning concept

-   love-oriented direction



- fully-developed education

- Changhua recognition

- cultural specific development

- social involvement




School Staff: education quality

Administration: resources coordination

Community: enhance parent-teacher interaction

Students: value and develop learning methods